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About one of today’s most popular drink: coffee

There are many assumptions about coffee. Many articles and studies have been published sometimes with positive, sometimes with negative conclusions. [...]

The origin of the name: coffee and its cultivation

The origin of the name: coffee Solving the question of the origin of the name are two solutions. In the [...]

The story of coffee

According to legend, the coffee’s invigorating effect was discovered by Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder, who noticed that his goats [...]

Methods of coffee making

After roasting the coffee beans, there are different ways of brewing coffee. There may be differences in the coffee-water ratio [...]

“Kotyogós” (drip) and filter coffee maker

in the Carpathian Basin the most common coffee maker still is the “kotyogó” in which the water is put below [...]

Espresso coffee

Espresso coffee (presszókávé) can be called espresso if a machine presses 88-92 degree (Celsius) water at 9 bars through a [...]


Coffee’s best known agent is an alkaloid called caffeine. In smaller amounts caffeine can be found also in tea, cola [...]