Methods of coffee making

After roasting the coffee beans, there are different ways of brewing coffee. There may be differences in the coffee-water ratio or the in the flavouring varieties.

When examining Hungarian coffee-making and drinking customs we have to consider more aspects. First of all we need to think of the aforementioned – historically reasoned – coffee culture influences. Different tastes, drinks and technologies got to our country: Turkish from the East, Viennese from the West, Italian from the South.

In later years drip- and filter-coffee machines also appeared and became common in domestic coffee making. The coffee made this way is the successor of traditional German long coffee – brewed in a Karlsbad pot.
20th century’s new technological innovation was steam leaching that resulted in black coffee, the modern espresso’s ancestor. This method had first spread in cafes and bistros, and later they appeared in households too.

Long before the change of regime, in the 60’s and 70’s the modern espresso technology infiltrated our country, then in the 90’s – when the big coffee machine manufacturing companies conquered the market – this coffee making method became common in the catering industry.

Now this method is gaining ground on the market of office and household coffee machines.