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The story of coffee

According to legend, the coffee’s invigorating effect was discovered by Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat herder, who noticed that his goats became more energised after eating some red berries. He told this to the monks living nearby. The monks realized that when they roasted the seed, they could make a tasty drink. It seems certain that […]

Methods of coffee making

After roasting the coffee beans, there are different ways of brewing coffee. There may be differences in the coffee-water ratio or the in the flavouring varieties. When examining Hungarian coffee-making and drinking customs we have to consider more aspects. First of all we need to think of the aforementioned – historically reasoned – coffee culture […]

Espresso coffee

Espresso coffee (presszókávé) can be called espresso if a machine presses 88-92 degree (Celsius) water at 9 bars through a compressed cake made of 7 grams ground coffee during 20-30 seconds. The result: 25-35ml brew. This drink is called espresso by the Italians. Shorter espresso is called ristretto, the longer is called lungo. These serve […]


Coffee’s best known agent is an alkaloid called caffeine. In smaller amounts caffeine can be found also in tea, cola nuts and cocoa. Caffeine effects: increases heart rate, metabolism and respiration increases blood pressure and blood circulation speed dilates cerebral blood vessels narrows the blood vessels in the intestine diuretic eliminates drowsiness improves mood stimulates […]